About Us

About Bangla Press Club Michigan

Bangla Press Club Michigan is a non-profit organization dedicated to connecting, empowering and celebrating the Bangla community here in Michigan. Our mission is to promote the interests and welfare of the Bangla community through media, cultural exchange, and community building initiatives.

Founded in 2020, Bangla Press Club Michigan has a rich history of serving the local Bangla community and providing a platform for education, cultural exchange, and community building. Our members are diverse and include journalists, writers, artists, and community leaders who share a common passion for preserving and promoting Bangla culture.

At Bangla Press Club Michigan, we believe in the power of media to bring people together and drive positive change. Through our programs, events, and initiatives, we aim to educate the public about Bangla culture and history, provide a platform for community members to connect and collaborate, and celebrate the contributions of the Bangla community in Michigan.

Whether you are a member, friend, or simply interested in learning more about Bangla culture, we invite you to explore our site and discover the many opportunities available to you through Bangla Press Club Michigan. Join us as we work together to make a lasting impact in our community and beyond.”